This digital learning material has been prepared in the framework of the project TÁMOP-4.1.2-08/1/A-2009-0030, according to the requirements formuated for the Geography BSc courses. This English-Hungarian dictionary of basic terms in physical geography is a material of reference for Geography BSc students. It is meant to be an aid for the learning of physico-geographical topics through providing the brief and exact definitions of the most necessary terms. The dictionary may be a helpful tool in acquisition of knowledge within the following subjects: Geology, Soil geography, Geomorphology, Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrogeography, Biogeography and Practice in Physical Geography. When using the electronic dictionary the instructions of printed dictionaries apply. At the same time, due to the digital format, searching for terms can be much more rapid than in a traditional dictionary. When studying from a Hungarian-language learning material, one click is sufficient to find the precise and correct explanation of a yet unfamiliar term and, similarly, the dictionary is also useful to easily find definitions of the Hungarian equivalents of unknown concepts in an English text. Examples and illustrations alleviate the understanding of the meaning of entries. One has to be careful, however, in the case when a term has multiple definitions, to select the definition included in the appropriate chapter of the dictionary. For the practising and memorization of geographical terms abundant multiple choice tests are supplied. Questions cover all the fields included in the dictionary.